Outstanding customer service and support !!


Shalimar Jewellers is entirely focused on delivering what the Customer most wants from their suppliers; speedy and efficient service!!

Our highly dedicated office-based customer service representatives, mostly from the retail background, consistently meet their targets of answering the phone in under four rings & E-mail on few minutes. They happily assist with queries and offer best support, responding to customers requests and questions the same time they’re received.

Through the use of IT defects are avoided – key personnel are alerted when an order is delayed or progressing slowly through the system and orders are barcode scanned ‘supermarket style’, to ensure each and every jewelry ordered by a customer is present and correct, thanks to the entire Shalimar Jewellers staff being multi-skilled and on board with the our company’s philosophy, “Why we put off ‘til tomorrow what you can do today”.

Through weekly reports suggestions are fed back to the our company directors and managers. These views and ideas are valued by the management team and form the basis of continual improvement to our customer service.
Comments from many customers are incredibly positive, with Shalimar Jewellers service frequently being used as a benchmark, much to the annoyance of our competitors! Our consistent service and unfailing ‘nothing is too much trouble’ attitude makes Shalimar Jewellers one of the industry’s best and top jewelry in Nepal and most highly regarded suppliers.
With Shalimar Jewellers design knowledge and the manufacturers’ expertise in coming up with latest, more effective methods of jewellery production they continue to push the boundaries of design whilst keeping their commercial edge. Shalimar Jewellers have a reputation for best jewelry designs in Nepal that are fresh, exciting and affordable.

Shalimar Jewellers  works very hard to be a frustration-free, kindly, efficient, friendly, innovative trading experience for its many, many satisfied customers.

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