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Gold has historically been one of the most popular in the world and Nepal as well  and most expensive precious metals on the world. But you might well ask: what makes gold jewelry so popular and so pricey? w...

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We had a big problem to solve and that was how do we value something like a gold Jewellery ? In the gold jewellery manufacturing, it is essential to know the exact composition of materials to ensure conformity with Karat gold standards and to avoid "giving away... Read More

Shalimar Jewellers is entirely focused on delivering what the Customer most wants from their suppliers; speedy and efficient service!!

Our highly dedicated office-based customer service representatives, mostly from the retail background, consistently meet their targets o... Read More

Antique Jewellery in Nepal

From early on our focus remained in improving and solidifying our hold in the jewellery industry, and one of the latest efforts taken in this direction was the establishment of Shalimar Jewellers in 1994. Shalimar Jewellers form part of one of the largest jewellery groups in Nepal, and our retail store houses gold necklaces and ornaments in its purest form, as all our Antique jewellery in Nepal is made from 24 karat pure gold.

Nepal is a stronghold for many talented craftsmen and artisans, and we make use of this talent by fashioning local and Antique handmade jewellery which brings to our products a touch of finesse and class. However, our credibility is further enhanced with our association with the most esteemed and well-renowned establishments in the Antique jewellery industry with whom we engage in constant consultations and advice. Such expert oversight of our products help us in developing and making jewelleries of the highest quality, while our talented craftsmen help bring out the uniqueness and deftness in designs for which we have come to be known in Nepal.

Luxury means living according to one’s own taste, and therefore we also provide tailor-made jewellery and customized designs to appeal to each of our customers on an individual level. We want only the highest quality of lifestyle for the people of Nepal, and therefore all our ornaments are thoroughly inspected and then certified to pass the quality check. By paying utmost attention to the quality of our products and our customers’ expectations, Shalimar Jewellers has become one of the most trusted and reliable names when it comes to top and best Antique jewellery in Nepal.


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