Trusted Jewellers in Nepal


Trusted Jewellers in Nepal

Trusted Jewellers in Nepal

Gold has historically been one of the most popular in the world and Nepal as well  and most expensive precious metals on the world. But you might well ask: what makes gold jewelry so popular and so pricey? why we should care anyway? who is trusted jewellers in Nepal?

Shalimar Jewellers give you the inside scoop on this truly beautiful precious metal. And you can also check out the gold jewellery we have in a variety of forms in our retailer.So let’s get started…..

Best and trusted Jewellers in Nepal for your Styling!!

Pure gold jewellery is incredibly durable. It’s the most non-reactive of all metals. It won’t react with open air or oxygen or most chemicals, meaning it won’t tarnish, rust or perish. This makes it perfect for use in jewellery and high level status objects which are intended to retain their value and finish indefinitely. It’s also pure in the form in which it’s found naturally, unlike many other metals which can be difficult to extract from their natural ores.
Shalimar Jewellers Provides Different Carats of gold for your choice!!

24 carat gold jewellers in Nepal

Pure gold is generally considered to be too soft to make jewellery ornaments with on its own, however, it may be used for gilding, plating or for making ceremonial objects. It has a luminous, rich and very warm golden color. Given it’s purity, 24ct gold is also the most expensive version of gold by its weight.

22 carat gold jewellers in Nepal

22 carat gold is the 22 parts pure gold, making it 91.67% pure. The remainder can be made up of alloyed metals like zinc, copper, silver and nickel which are responsible for golds enhanced strength. Gold jewellery made with 22ct metal is reliably durable, but it still retains much of the very beautiful color of 24ct gold, making it a good compromise. However, it’s best level of purity also makes it very expensive.

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