22 Carat Gold in Nepal

22 Carat Gold in Nepal

22 Carat Gold in Nepal Posted On : 02-12-2017

22 Carat gold in Nepal

Being 91.3 percent in purity and hence very soft and malleable, very intricate designs of gold jewelry with beautiful intricate designs can be made in 22 Carat gold in Nepal. Although soft compared to other metals, the 22 Karat gold jewellery does not get easily damaged, and can be worn for years, and still maintain its luster and beauty. Note that most gold jewellery whatever the Carat/karat value does not get damaged by wearing, but rather gets damaged or broken by storing it improperly, jewellery when properly stored, in original boxes, and cleaned at regular intervals, will rarely break, damage or lose its luster and beauty.
Carat and Karat are not to be confused, Carat is not a percentage, it is rather a measure in which gemstones are weighed, the word carat was derived from the carat seeds which were once used for measuring as they were mostly constant in weight. 1 carat or ct. is equal to about 200 milligrams or about 1/5th of a Gram. For example a huge 5 ct. pc of diamond would be just 1 gram in weight. (that is the reason why our precious and semiprecious stone gold jewellery is expensive compared to plain gold jewellery)
Gold Jewellery from some places is / was marked with a KDM stamp which means that the Jewellery was soldered with Cadmium. Cadmium called ‘Kadium’ in some places and marked KDM was traditionally used in soldering of gold jewelry for its good properties of liquidity and melting at lower temperatures, which is not the case any more as Cadmium is known to create toxic fumes when melted, which are very dangerous to health, over a period of time and may be harmful to humans, making the gold jewelry, some countries have banned the use of Cadmium from use, from workshops. Jewellers in many parts of the world now use gold solders, which are free from Cadmium. Please note that the wearer of the gold jewellery is not harmed, this issue only concerns the manufacturing process. Also note that using any type of gold solder either KDM (Cadmium) or other gold solder, to make the jewellery does not guarantee the purity of gold, as the purity is a representation of the percentage of gold in any metal.

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Since 22 Carat gold quality is little bit lower than 24 karat gold, it’s price is also lower than 24 karat gold Shalimar Jewellers provides best quality trusted 22 Carat Gold in Nepal at affordable price. Contact us for top 22 Karat gold in Kathmandu Nepal.

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