Top 5 tips before buying Gold this Dashain

Top 5 tips before buying Gold this Dashain

5 tips on buying gold this dashain Posted On : 20-09-2019


Buying gold is usually intended for one thing, and that is jewellery. It can also be purchased as security. You cannot find a better investment option than buying gold. It acts as both an investment and an accessory for you. Everyone would love to attend any occasion covered with shiny gold pieces of jewellery. Especially with our country being rich in traditions and culture, we are always witnessing on various occasions every now and then.


Purity Test

The purity of gold is indicated by Karats. 24 karat gold is considered to be the purest form of gold there is. It is said to be 99.99% pure whereas 22 karat gold is said to be around 92% pure. But for making jewellery, 24 karat gold is the least preferred. 22 karat gold is the most preferable one, but you also have 14 & 18 karats gold to select from. So, always remember to not make a hasty decision while buying gold or gold jewellery. Always check the purity of gold while purchasing it. We suggest you visit Shalimar Jewellers if you are opting to buy pure gold jewellery.

Mand-made & Machine-made Gold Ornaments

With the demand for gold increasing constantly, it is only natural that machine-made jewellery is available. These machine-made jewellery are lower in price than man-made artefacts. It is very helpful in making mass production, so theses machine-made ornaments are cheaper. So next time you are buying gold jewellery, make sure to discuss it’s origin. Don’t just throw away your hard-earned money.

Weight Check while buying gold

 Most of the gold jewellery is priced on the basis of the weight of the gold. Heavier the weight, more the cost. Other gemstones like Ruby or Emerald are added in jewellery making them heavier. Some jewellers may weigh a piece in its entirety. Which means you might be paying for gold which is hardly or not actually there at all. So, always remember to check your jewellery thoroughly if you are buying studded gold jewellery.

Buyback Option

 Not many jewellers offer you the option of a buyback. It means to be able to exchange the old jewellery for a new one. It is very wise to discuss the possibility of buyback with your retailer. This is very beneficial for the future as you could get bored of wearing the same jewellery. You may also feel like the jewellery design you purchased is no longer trendy. So, you may wanna have a change of look.

Shalimar Jewellers provides a 100% buyback option.

Best Jewellery Store:

There are many jewellery stores in Nepal. It could be very risky for buying gold from small stores. You could be fooled of impure gold or you may even be sold out for stolen gold jewellery. So, it is very important that you pay a visit to a trustworthy and reliant Gold Store.

Shalimar Jewellers being the most trusted gold house in Nepal provides a 100% buyback option. So what are you waiting for?

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Top 5 tips before buying Gold this Dashain

  Buying gold is usually intended for one thing, and that is jewellery. It can also be purchased as security…. Read more »

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