Bridal Jewellery in Nepal

Bridal Jewellery in Nepal

Bridal Jewellery in Nepal Posted On : 06-11-2017

Bridal Jewellery in Nepal

Traditional Nepali weddings comprise of many rituals and ceremonies and can last for few days. Indian weddings are bright affairs and up to 500 guests can be invited to the wedding day. Most Nepali parents like their children to marry in their caste and religion. Traditional Bridal Jewellery in Nepal are arranged between the families of the bride and groom. Some families decide whom their children should marry. The rituals and ceremonies of Nepali weddings vary across different ethnic groups families. The families of the groom approach the parents of the bride and formally ask them for the hand of their daughter in marriage for their son. If the families of the bride accept the proposal, the parents invite a Hindu Purohit to make the horoscopes (Janma-Kundalee) of the bride and groom and see if the match is compatible. The Hindu Purohit tells the families a suitable date for the wedding.

A traditional Nepali wedding starts with the families of the bride traveling to the house of the groom and formalizing the wedding. The family of the groom arranges a large feast for the family of the bride. Jewelry Gifts are exchanged during this meeting. The gifts that are exchanged depend on the ethnic and religious backgrounds of the parents. This ceremony is called “Tika-Talo”.
The traditional Nepali wedding ceremony is held outdoors under a small designed canopy called a “Mandap”. A Hindu Purohit is invited to conduct the wedding ceremony. The bride wears a red colored sari with traditional bridal jewellery in Nepal called

ring, necklace, earrings, bangles, tilhari, chhadke tilhari, mangalsutra, chandrama

and the groom can be dressed in a traditional wear called a “Daura-suruwal” with a Dhaka Topi and Khukuri. The groom and his friends and male family members are called “Janti” for that special day.

After the ceremony is over, the bride and groom are called to the wedding reception hall, where the parents of the bride hold a feast for the Janti and guests. After the feast, the bride and groom, escorted by the parents of the groom, depart. On the next day of the wedding ceremony, a reception is held by the family of the groom and again, a huge number of guests are invited.

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