Craftmanship – The Story

Craftmanship – The Story

shalimar craftmanship Posted On : 29-04-2019

The Early Days

From the very beginning, since Shalimar Jewellers was established in 1994, we have strived for nothing but customer satisfaction. Being one of the largest jewellery groups in Nepal, our very aim was to fully provide the customers with their wants and fulfil their needs. So our very first step towards serving the society very fairly was making sure that our jewelleries were made from 24 Karat Pure Gold only. In this way, your jewellery can be presented as one with the purest form.




Shalimar Jewellers have a strong local presence with many talented and local artisans as our employers. We make sure that their handmade jewelleries and flawless craftsmanship are well-recognized and appreciated to the utmost. Their creativity and effort have always added a touch of class and in-depth traditional values to our products. The hard work and dedication towards their work have always been appreciated.

With their design knowledge and our manufacturers’ expertise, we have always had the highest quality and unique designed antique ornaments whilst keeping their commercial edge. For which, Shalimar Jewellers has been established as the most trusted and reliable names in the jewellery industry of Nepal.


Bettering experience

In addition to better product experience, our customers can now customize designs for their jewellery. Tailor-made jewellery is also available making it more appealing for each one of our customers. Providing the highest quality ornaments for the people is our primary concern, so our ornaments are thoroughly inspected and then certified to pass the quality check.


Why Us?

Excellent Customer Support

Shalimar Jewellers have a very highly dedicated and multi-skilled team. Our staff members are working consistently on meeting their targets regarding customer service. Our Customer Service Representatives and Retail Background Team makes sure that all phone calls and e-mails are properly responded to and looked at. They are well-trained to make sure that our customer gets frustration free, friendly and innovative trading experience.

Remaining true to the philosophy of our company “Why put off ‘til tomorrow what you can do today” has also helped us throughout the journey of success.

Our consistent service providing fresh, exciting and very affordable jewellery has helped us to become highly regarded suppliers in the industry building our company reputation


Digital Presence

Shalimar Jeweller has been very careful about improving and keeping a stronghold position in the industry. Making sure that our presence will never fade, our approach to the customers digitally has also worked out very well. It’s 2019, and any business needs to be aware of the importance of digital marketing considering the modern market. Being ahead digitally was key to maintaining our successful run. Our digital marketing strategies have helped us elevate our sales and reach to a greater audience.

Our step towards Digital Marketing enhancement has proven to be vital as we now have at least 20,000 – 30,000 people visiting our site on a monthly basis. In this way, we believe our products are more exposed to the customers.





shalimar craftmanship

First off, gathering all the required materials like a gas torch and copper tongs is very important. Then we have to follow a procedure to soldering gold:

  1. Clean gold thoroughly : The gold needs to be cleaned off dirt and grease for the solder to chemically bond them together. We then have to remove surface contamination and rinse in water to remove the acid. Scrubbing the surfaces with either detergent or soap is highly recommended by our employees for additional cleaning.
  2. Hold the gold in place : Place the gold objects on a soldering block, and hold it firmly in place with a copper tong. The areas joined together are fitted together as closely as possible; this process cannot typically fill large gaps.
  3. Applying flux to the soldered parts : We apply the flux to where the pieces are joined to reduce the solder flowing to the wrong area. Flux helps in preventing discoloration to the surface and also removes additional impurities.
  4.  Slightly heating the flux : Using the torch, we briefly heat the flux wherever applied. We heat it until the water boils away and leaves behind protective and firm solids.
  5. Applying a small amount of solder and heat : We place a chip of solder on one end of the seam to be joined and heat the surrounding gold objects. By then heating it sufficiently with appropriate heat temperature, the solder will melt and flow across the seam joining the two sides together.
  6. Treating the joined piece with water and pickle : After heating it sufficiently to join together, the flow of the solder reaches along to the joint and the metal surfaces and we let the gold cool. After a couple of minutes, quench it further in the water bath. Using the copper tools to lower the gold slowly into the pickle bath, we wait for a few minutes for most of the discoloring fire-scale on the surface to be removed.
  7. Making final adjustments if needed : We then inspect the gold after removing it from the pickle and rinsing it in the water. After this is done, polishing of excess solder or fire scale is done to get the desired appearance. The two gold objects are now joined together with a strong bond.


Designing in wax

Wax Design - Shalimar Jewellers

The world’s most elite jewels were first created as a wax carving. Our wax model makers are very gifted artisans that can transform a simple block of wax into a model of fine jewellery. By carving it and shaving off the wax, our artisans create a rough model of the envisioned jewellery. The wax models are then refined with hot melting pens.

The wax model is then embedded in a metal flask and left there for some time to get hardened. The flask containing the hardened investment is then incinerated at extremely high temperatures to burn away any trace of the wax sculpture. When the wax is burned away, the plaster will have a hollow impression of the wax carving. It is then sculpted into gold through our jewellery casting process.

The incinerated paraffin leaves a negative impression of the flask so it is then filled with molten gold to bring the wax sculpture back to life as a precious metal. When cast, the plaster mould is broken away which will then undergo publication and the various stages of jewellery fabrication before the final stone setting is done to showcase the artist’s original design.


Experienced Workers

Shalimar Team comprises of co-workers who have great knowledge of gold jewelleries and ornaments. We have highly experienced and valued artisans of the country. Our collections of a masterpiece have often been lauded by observers and customers, thanks to their dedication and effort to the making of finest artwork. Every time they put up a work, their passion and dedication for the artwork do not go unnoticed.

The managers and supervisors from various departments with their experience and clarity in vision have also been very valuable and highly regarded. Their undoubtable skills and experience have contributed hugely to our company thriving and dominating the industry throughout these years.

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