Five Things You Must Do on Akshaya Tritiya

Five Things You Must Do on Akshaya Tritiya

Mythical Beliefs in akshaya tritiya Posted On : 05-05-2019

Akshaya Tritiya is an annual springtime festival mainly celebrated by Hindus & Jains in Nepal and India. In Sanskrit, the word “Akshaya” (अक्षय्य) means “imperishable, eternal, the never diminishing” in the sense of “prosperity, hope, joy, success”, while “Tritiya” means “third”. It is named after the “third lunar day” of the spring month of Vaisakhain the Hindu calendar

It is considered as one of the most important days for the Hindu community as it is the day of the birth of the Lord Parasurama (Sixth Incarnation of Lord Vishnu). The Hindu Community firmly believes this day as a very lucky day for any venture such as a business, construction of a building or purchase of expensive items like jewellery will follow betterment and prosperity.


The Celebration


This day is considered as the Golden Day, the most auspicious day by Hindus and Jains for new ventures, marriages & expensive investments such as in gold or in assets & properties, or rather in any new beginnings. If by any chance the Akshaya Tritiya falls on a Monday (Rohini), this wonderful festival is said to be even more auspicious. It is believed that this day is symbolic of everlasting success, fortune gains, and extremely good luck. People these days buy gold and gift their family, friends or any close ones wishing them a prosperous life ahead.

So start a new business or invest in gold jewelry this Akshaya Tritiya or Akha Teej. There is a strong belief that investing on this day brings you great success. The name of the festival itself is ‘Akshaya’ which means never diminishing as in hope, wealth and happiness. You will not find a better day to invest in gold and jewelry if you planning to purchase gold jewelry.

The day is specifically very significant for women whether married or unmarried. They practice fasting and pray for good health and well being of their husband or for the one with whom they expect to get engaged in the future. Germinating Gram (Sprouts), Sweets and Fresh Fruits are distributed after these prayers as fasting and helping others is a festive practice. A good deed done on this day is said to invoke for manifold blessings. People also mourn for their already passed away loved ones on this day.


Mythical Beliefs

  • It is believed that on this day, the Pandavas had discovered weapons under the earth which led them to victory against the Kauravas.
  • Lord Ganesha and Ved Vyas began writing the Mahabharata.
  • Ganges (a holy river that flows throughout Bangladesh & India) came to Earth to purify mankind.
  • On this day, the devotees from Ayodhya bought gold and jewelry to offer to Jain Tirthankara Rishabhdev – who was the king in Ayodhya centuries ago.

Five Things you must know this Akshaya Tritiya

  • Glorify the Supreme Lord who appeared as Parasurama
  • Recite 18 chapters of Bhagavad-gita
  • Offer Oblations to the Forefathers
  • Distribute Prasadam (Spiritual Food Offered to Lord)
  • Donate Towards Charitable Causes


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