Know about your Jewellery Style with Best gold Jewelry in Nepal.

Know about your Jewellery Style with Best gold Jewelry in Nepal.

Posted On : 17-02-2018

What’s your Gold Jewellery Style? You’re confused?? Don’t worry !!  Don’t be sad !!
Shalimar jewellers is the best Gold jewelers for your styling.
Specifically in Gold jewelry styles you’ve found yourself lost for words when it came to describing, here’s where you could get acquainted with jewelry style terminology&what they really mean?

All it takes is a some key observations !!


Would transcend generations
Does not have distinct motifs
Highlights the material, not the subject/motif


Is from a certain period in the art history, viz, Nouveau, Edwardian, Victorian, Byzantine, Baroque, and Rococo.
Have distinct elements with reference to materials used, gemstone setting styles, motifs and treatments for each period.


Reflects new interpretations of old ideas
Is off-beat
Breaks conventional norms


That glorifies freedom of expression
May not necessarily incorporate precious materials
Is not replicated very easily


That does not have an distinctive identity or design philosophy!

Now, the fun part is where we actually do a bit of that and a bit of this, and come up with styles that are fresh, fantastic and suit your personality, since nobody wants what has already been done. So, we could have a contemporary classic, or a period inspired contemporary piece of work!!

At Shalimar Jewellers we love creating new designs with gold, that suit your style&taste. So, we hope you fully enjoyed this tidbit of information.🙂

@Happy styling!!!

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