Necklace Selection: Selecting the right necklace that perfectly complements your neckline

Necklace Selection: Selecting the right necklace that perfectly complements your neckline

Gold Necklace in Nepal Posted On : 22-08-2019

Women go craaazy over having the perfect blouse neckline. It is because a perfect neckline can make you look way prettier in your bridal attire. Though it is a small element, it plays a major role in deciding your beauty. It indeed makes you look flawless and gorgeous, but the biggest question arises here.  That is, which necklace would suit the sort of neckline you have? And ladies, remember it is very essential for you to wear a gold necklace that complements your neckline for an overall compelling look.

We here at Shalimar, are always working hard to make sure that we bring you the best jewelry. So with no further delay, let us show you what sort of jewelry fits and suits your neckline perfectly.


A Guide to choosing the Right Necklace according to your Blouse Neckline!


Scoop Neckline

Scoop Neckline is most commonly found in wedding outfits. It allows you to style a choker by giving you space from your neck to the beginning of your blouse. We would always prefer you to wear a bib necklace over any straight ones so that they mimic the neckline perfectly.


Gold Necklace


V- Neckline

Preferring a V-Neckline indicates that you seek high attention. Though you are drawing the attention towards your cleavage, you are also going for the wow factor. A long gold necklace will definitely highlight your neckline and amp your looks. You can also opt to put on a sleek choker with malas layered to make you look like a princess.


sleek choker and long mala


Strapless Neckline

Want to flaunt your beauty bone? Well, then there is no better dress than a strapless blouse. Pairing it with noble jewelry and flaunting makes it way cooler. But make sure your jewelry doesn’t take away all the attention from your shoulders or collar bones. So, a short pendant or a sleek choker would be just fine.


Gold Chokers


High Neckline

If your plan is to wear a high neckline, you may not need a necklace at all. But, even then if you wish to put on some jewelry to add to your glamour, make sure you are putting on a long gold necklace with a tiny pendant.


Gold Nekclaces


Sweetheart neckline

The sweetheart neckline is without a doubt the most sought out and eye-catching of all. A princess length gold necklace or choker set with a drop will make you look mesmerizing and apart from the rest.


Gold Choker



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