Stylish & Vibrant Jewellery Designs for Every Bride-to-be!

Stylish & Vibrant Jewellery Designs for Every Bride-to-be!

bridal first choice shalimar Posted On : 25-02-2019

If there’s one jewellery trend that has been there for decades and is still making the loudest noise, it’s none other than the Shalimar jewellery – Excellence since 1994! It’s the latest fad and is here to stay. Even though the vibrant art of enameling was only used in the adornment of Mughal palaces primarily and later incorporated in jewellery, it has come a long way now. Except for the traditional designs, Shalimar jewels are also available in so many antic, trendy, western jewellery designs.

In fact, a lot of experimental brides are picking stylish  jewels to add a dash of vibrancy to their wedding looks. While some are incorporating pretty earrings & tikkas with floral and birds motif enameling to their mehndi looks, others are teaming enamelled collars, chokers and various other types of necklaces in pretty pastel colors to color-combine with their wedding ensembles. So we thought why not save some gorgeousness for you! We’ve chalked out some stunning bridal necklace designs for you. Also, we’ve featured some real brides who wore the best enameled jewels that worth gushing over. Scroll through and pin down your favs!

Exquisite & Latest Necklace Jewellery designs for Brides

Striking enamelled chokers, collars and rani haars


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