Testing for the purity of Gold Jewelry with certified XRF machine.

Testing for the purity of Gold Jewelry with certified XRF machine.

Certified German XRF gold testing machine. Posted On : 20-12-2017

The traditional gold jewelry testing methods can’t help you determine the exact purity of your gold jewelry !! One of the questions you are frequently asking yourself when you’re thinking of buying modern or traditional gold jewelry is “how do you test it?” All precious gold retailers will go through same traditional methods to determine the purity of gold jewellery.

When it comes to testing handmade/handcrafted or machine made gold jewellery, we had a huge problem to solve and that was how do we value something like a gold Jewellery? In the gold jewellery manufacturing, it is very  important to know the exact composition of materials to guarantee conformity with gold standards (Karat) and to avoid ‘giving away’ precious metals for which our customer is not paying. Other gold selling companies scrape the gold jewelry and use acid tests (which leave a permanent stain) but that didn’t seem fair to the customer so Shalimar Jewellers wanted to find a best way.

The solution was to buy a special bit of kit called an X-Ray Fluorescence Machine or Certified German Gold Testing Machine of course!
Now Shalimar Jewellers is the only one best and top jewellery in Nepal offering this degree of certainty so you can be sure you’re getting the true value of your unwanted jewellery !!

Certified German Gold Testing Machine or X-Ray Fluorescence Machine:

The X-Ray Test or X-Ray spectrometer allows the determination of gold in jewellery alloys with high accuracy and high precision. The XRF Spectrometers like the one displayed in the video above is much more high tech and advantageous. The main advantage is breaking down the different alloys and percentages. Also the any other present precious and non-precious metal at higher concentrations can be determined. The presence of the latter elements influences slightly the grade of accuracy in determination of gold jewelry. It works by calculating fluorescence of item after being exposed to a very small amount of x-ray radiation. To put it simply, the radiation will cause the elements (gold and silver) in the item to emit energy (or fluoresce), and the X-Ray Fluorescence Machine picks that up and figures out how much energy of every element was exposed. An XRF machine enables us to perform a non-destructive test on their gold jewellery to determine the total purity of the gold item. Using this XRF Machine we can also determine if its 8,9,10,14,18,21 or 22 carat of gold and the value difference is significant for our customer.

This technique is the very fastest way in determining or identifying the fineness of such gold jewelry. It is also very useful with accuracy between 2 to 5 portions per parts. This is not only evaluates the transparency of gold it could also verify the amount of the added impurities on gold jewelry.

At Shalimar Jewellers, we take pride in giving fair, honest and accurate information on the value of any jewelry accessory. Our expert know how to get your jewelry’s market value by considering the material, workmanship, condition, market value, and other major factors.
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