Wedding Gold Jewelry in Nepal.

Wedding Gold Jewelry in Nepal.

Wedding Gold Jewelry in Nepal Posted On : 21-02-2018

Wearing the brides with glamorous and eye catching gold jewelry is nothing new. This is a very old Nepali tradition that is still followed by every culture and society. Besides glittering and elegant bridal clothes, mesmerizing and captivating gold jewelry is also an essential part of the bridal adorn that enhances the beauty and loveliness of the bride. These include; bangles, bracelets, rings and earrings, chains and pendants, and mang tikkas, armlets and anklets and other articles.

Nepalese wedding jewelry is known for its elaborative designs that are made using gold and other metals. To decorate these gold jewels a number of charming and pretty gemstones are used like diamonds, pearls, rubies, sapphire, turquoise, emeralds, topaz and other precious and semi precious stones.

Nepalese gold jewelry for men is also quite popular among the modern bride grooms and it comprises of; rings for men, bracelets and chains made of gold, and other graceful articles. Shalimar jewellers is also one of the loveliest categories of Nepalese gold wedding jewelry which is made by using extremely beautiful stones. Shalimar Jewellers is also popularly used by the Nepalese brides on their wedding day.

Moreover, handcrafted gold earrings of floral patterns look stunning and designer bridal jewelry is also the choice of many brides. Nepalese gold jewelry for weddings is not only popular in Nepal but people all around the world are familiar with the gleaming and exquisite Nepalese traditional gold jewelry. We offer a beautiful range of Nepalese wedding gold jewelry and make it easy to buy these wonderful jewels for their wedding.

It’s very important to note that while Shalimar Jewellers selection of fine gold jewellery is extensive, it’s also reasonably priced. If your budgets are tight, pleased to learn that the staff members at our store will work with you to find the perfect wedding gift for your loved one that also fits your fund. If you’d like to learn more about the weeding jewellery available from Shalimar Jewellers, visit our website at If you have any other questions, just contact us.

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