What is Gold? Types of gold in Nepal? Gold Karats/carats?

What is Gold? Types of gold in Nepal? Gold Karats/carats?

Gold in Nepal Posted On : 02-07-2017

Gold in Nepal

Gold in Nepal, Shalimar Jewellers provides best carat/karat gold in Nepal. Know what types of gold is available in Nepali Market..

You know What is gold?

How or why Gold Jewellery is made in different Karats/Carats?

The chemical symbol of Gold is AU.

Specific Gravity of gold is 19.32

Weight: Gold in Nepal for Jewellery purposes is weighed in Grams, Pennyweight (DWT) or Ounces (troy) 1 Troy ounce is equal to 31.10348 grams or 20 DWT (pennyweight) 1 DWT (pennyweight) is equal to 1.555 grams or 0.05 troy ounces.

Carat/Karat: Most popular jewellery made in gold is 10 karat,14 karat, 18 karat and 22 karat gold Jewellery.

Temperature: Melting temperature of Gold is slightly lower than that of copper at 1945 ° F or 1063 ° C ( Iron is 2802°F and Copper is 1981°F )
Specific Gravity of gold is 19.32

Density: One cubic inch of pure gold weighs 10.18 troy ounces.

Purity: Purest form of Gold considered 24 karats is equal to roughly 99.9 percent purity

Karat: When we say 24kt or 24 carat Gold jewellery in Nepal, we mean that all the 24 parts in the gold are just pure gold without traces of any other metal(s) or 99.9 percent pure. When we say 22kt or 22k Gold Jewellery we mean that 22 parts of the jewelry, is gold and the balance 2 parts are some other metal(s) or equal to 91.3 percent gold plus 8.6 percent of some other metal alloy When we say 18Kt or 18k Gold Jewelry, we mean that 18 parts of the jewelry is gold and the balance 6 parts is some other metal or equal to about 75 percent gold plus 25 percent of some other metal alloy We can roughly state that each Carat/Karat is equal to approximately 4.1625 percent. The difference of the other metal or alloys of the metal, gives the jewellery its hardness and color. We can state that 24 Carat/Karat is the softest and 10 carat/karat the hardest, because 10kt would have 41.6 percent gold and the balance would be other metals which are mostly harder than gold.. The color from the other metals enhances the beauty of the jewellery as the case may be, white gold, yellow gold, red gold etc.

Density: Gold has very higher density compared to other metals which are used as alloys, so the higher the purity of gold the heavier the weight of gold jewellery. For example a necklace of same thickness will vary in weight if made in different karats of gold in Nepal, it will be the lightest in 14kt and heaviest in 22kt gold, because 14kt has 58.3 percent gold compared to 22kt which has 91.6 percent gold..

Gold Colors and finishes: 24 karat gold(pure) is Yellow in color, when the purity is lowered, by adding different alloys, the color of the gold can be changed to reflect the color of the alloy.That is if we were to convert 24k gold to 22k gold we would be adding about 8.4% alloy, which would now make it 91.6 percent pure (22k). The addition of alloy has various purposes, one is to give it hardness, to make the gold jewellery stronger, as pure gold is very soft, the other would be to change the color, e.g. if copper would be added to alloy then the gold would appear reddish, instead of the yellow or if any of the white metal was added to the alloy it would make it appear white. This is not to be confused with the finishing, which are just on the top surface of the jewellery, which are mostly different types of hand paints or coatings, used like paint on the surface to enhance just the look, e.g. to give it an antique look, underneath the paint or coating, it would be solid yellow gold.

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